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New Blog Updated: Selaenergy.com

September 1st, 2010

Its been a busy summer here at Silicon Spark, and the blog has been sorely neglected! We did some work for a cool solar energy company, Sela Energy. The main website already existed, but the blog on the site needed some help. The main site is HTML, but the blog is WordPress.

First we needed to upgrade wordpress to the latest version, 3.0.1.

Next we styled the website, added widgets including a new photo gallery widget called Cincopa Gallery Widget. Sela Energy had been putting together blog posts with lots of pictures and the formatting was pretty difficult. This new widget makes it easy to upload, create a custom screenshot gallery feel and embed into the post. For a client that isn’t too HTML savvy, its an ideal solution – and even for those who are, its a great timesaver!

We also added TwiBadge, one of my favorites to embed twitter into your blog. (Its even on this site!) Since Twitter and Facebook are something the CEO wants to focus on to build community, we also embeded TweetMeme and Facebook Share into the blog post itself. In order to make it easier on the eye, however, we wanted to make it stacked. This seems to be quite a challenge. There is one forum trail that put us on the right path here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/aligning-tweetmeme-and-facebook-share-button. Reality is though it only took us part of the way. Ultimately the styling in the respective widgets that worked for us was:

Tweetmeme: float: left; margin-right: 10px;
Facebook Share: clear: left; bottom:-70px; float: left; margin-bottom:150px; margin-top:10px; margin-right: -52px; margin-left:10px; position: relative;

Finally, the navigation on the main site was done in Flash. In order to better embed the site navigation, we edited the flash file to have the blog on the main navigation, created a custom blog theme and embedded flash for navigation in both the main site as well as the blog. Overall, the blog, which the CEO had previously described as a “sore spot” in his business was transformed into “something he is proud of.” Check it out:

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