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New Website Live:

September 17th, 2009 Comments off

Summer was not slow for us here at Silicon Spark. One of the projects we took live is The Dwyer Law Group. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, it is – LoopFuse’s CEO Sean Dwyer referred us to the project at his dad’s law firm, after we took the LoopFuse site redesign live earlier this summer. A law site was a first for us, but we were up to the challenge – see for yourself:

The Dwyer Law Group new website

The Dwyer Law Group new website

As for how we got there—first, we needed to find out what content we had to work with. And frankly, it was gold. Matt Dwyer is a board certified personal injury lawyer rock star. His firm has one of the highest winning and money awarded per plaintiff in the southeast. He’s recognized as one of the top trial lawyers in America—and his results speak for themselves. We needed to reshape the messaging to speak more to victims, and assure them that they were going to be taken care of well with Dwyer Law Group, but that wasn’t hard. Its always easy to sell something worth having.

Next, we turned to the website look and feel itself. We looked at lots of law sites, trying to capture the tone and feel of these sites and see what worked. Reality is, we saw lots of sites—but everything looked somewhat dated or amateur. We’ve been used to businesses that really use their website as a tool to drive business. Matt Dwyer knew he wanted that too—his son explained the power of that to him and he jumped at the chance to have us figure that out. We came up with a new design that places strong personal imagery that victims can relate to, loaded headers with keywords, and tailored text to suit victim need, as well as introduced a sidebar concept that assured visitors of their reputation, ability to garner high monetary awards, and to ultimately contact Dwyer Law Group. There was some obvious attention to SEO that needed to be done, and we’ll be looking to turn on adwords regionalized shortly, but for now—the site is out there for the whole world to see. Hope you never have the misfortune of a personal injury, but if you do… it should be a lot easier to find the best lawyer in the southeast to represent you.

4.5% of CMO’s satisfied with operational reporting

February 24th, 2009 Comments off

AlterianAlterian published some data today from the CMO Council, where reportedly over 100 smart, savvy marketers convened to discuss the modern challenges of marketing in today’s envioronment. I’d love to get my hands on more of the topics – or the $299 report, but for now I am content with the free-market copies and write-ups.

One of the shocking things I saw was the two points that MarketingShift pointed out:

  • 60 percent of respondents believe that marketing operational transformation is an essential area of focus.
  • Only 4.5 percent are very satisfied with their current level of marketing operational visibility, accountability and output.

I think this relates to something I am seeing more and more often, and something I faced at my time at Hyperic. In a world driven by technology, where you can see link throughput in minutes, how do you calibrate your marketing operational measurements to ensure you stay apace? Aparently only 4.5% of these folks have figured it out. I had a pretty decent report going – but it was only weekly, and it was mostly driven through spreadsheets because of the nature of the data. We had data from externally hosted downloads & CDNs; multiple websites & technologies for Forums, wiki, tickets etc; adwords; and of course the CRM. That is a lot of data to fuse – and not all of it is in your control for formatting since its externally hosted or a package.

The logical thing to think about is placing it all in the CRM. But that misses oodles of traffic as it only captures actual leads. What about all the traffic you didn’t end up capturing? That’s where a marketing automation tool comes in handy. That is where a marketing automation tool comes in handy. There are several out there – from Eloqua, Marketo and of course, my favorite, LoopFuse. Plugging these systems in so its easy to capture this information, integrate it to your CRM and report on it is what marketers need. There are still some things lacking in this regard from all the packages. From ease of use to reporting customizations, there are many things to be done to smooth the path forward for most marketers. My bet though is the 4.5% of those marketers who are satisfied, have looked in the direction of marketing automation for these answers.

LoopFuse OneView 3.16 Releasing Tomorrow

February 20th, 2009 Comments off

Just got wind that after “weeks of prodding and poking in our Quality Assurance Lab by our team of trained fruitflies, LoopFuse OneView 3.16 was finally given the green light for release.” We expect to see the new release out tomorrow, and I plan to be adding to the fruitflies efforts by poking around myself next week.

According to the fruitflies themselves, new features and enhancements include:

CSV List Import: Less steps and cleaner interface, enhance existing functionality.
Email Link Tracking: Intelligent tracking for links embedded in email campaigns, i.e. You may now link directly to SurveyMonkey survey forms.
Email Link Anchor Support: Links within email campaigns that contain anchor tags are now supported.
Sales Registration Alerts: New email templates added for lead capture alerts, add company and visitor analytics information.

Looking forward to poking around it next week and trying out the SurveyMonkey integration as well as the new alerts for sales reps. Alerts are already like crack for sales reps – with analytics there may be no stopping them!

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